Cheap Online Colleges That Accept Financial Aid

Financial aid is a money grant that helps needy people to fulfill their basic needs. Financial aid helps students financially so they can pay their fees and dues. It also allows for grants, study loans, workshops, etc., for students to achieve their career aims and get scholarships.  

What is financial aid available for online education for students?

With the help of online education, students can easily apply for most of the same financial aid as their campus counterparts. These online students can also look for fellowships via recognized schools. Also, you can get a loan from private banks.

What is FAFSA?

FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Students Aid.  

Online Colleges that accept FAFSA

Many colleges in the USA accept FAFSA and provide financial aid to the students to fulfill their dreams. Below is a list of some of those colleges with a brief intro to how they work.  

  • Baker Colleges

As compared to other colleges, Bakers college has some essential advantages., such as

  • It has a Higher Learning Commission and is recognized through the end. 
  • It is also the most reputed college in the region. 
  • Moreover, this college provides you with a traditional brick-and-mortar school.

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Does Baker college accept Grants and FAFSA?

Yes, Baker college does accept grants and FAFSA. This is one of the best advantages as other colleges do not get grants. 

Courses that Bakers provide for online students

Baker college has so many subjects that are offered for students to get them online. It includes Accounting, Business Administration, Cardiac Sonography, Civil Engineering, Dental Assisting, Educational Leadership, General Business, Food and beverages, Human Services, Logistics, Nursing, Paralegal, Psychology, Surgical Technology, and many other courses that are available at our college.

  • University of Florida

The University of Florida does offer more than 200 degree subjects for all students that can be completed online. They also allow you to have the same degree you can have online as the degree you can get by going to campus. The university also provides graduate degree programs and certificated programs so that if you want to have further education( without matriculation) by completing educational programs. 

Can anyone get financial aid for online classes?

Yes, online students can get financial aid. This financial aid is for all the students who are getting educated via online classes or have to take courses on campus. Now, If you want to come to this university, you must be sure to fill out the forms about FAFSA. Doing this will surely make you eligible for the grant and financial aid. 

Online Valuable Degrees

The University of Florida is rated as the fifth best university which provides online degree programs in the USA. The best thing about this institute is you will be taught by the same faculty teaching on campus. 

Online courses that the university provides

The institute offers online courses such as Anthropology, Business Administration, Criminology, Computer Sciences, Geography, Geology, Sociology, Public Relations, Sports Management, and many others.

The Grand Canyon University is one of the most famous universities if we talk about giving online classes. This university has some strong reviews as compared to other universities. It is a private educational institute, but they offer online and on-campus courses. The university also has three categories of degrees such as bachelor’s, master’s, and Doctoral. 

GCU accepts Grants and FAFSA

The GCU does accept all kinds of grants, scholarships, and FAFSA. But they also have criteria for a check-and-balance for the students, and they are also satisfied here.

Online courses At GCU

The university offers online courses for bachelors: Theology and Ministry, Language and Communication, Performing arts and Creative Designs, Criminal, Political, and Social Sciences Degree, and many more. The courses for masters are Business & Management, Nursing and Health Care, Psychology and Counseling, and others. For doctoral classes, you can apply in Business & Management, Teaching and School Administration, Psychology, and Counseling.

  • Southern New Hemisphere University

Southern New Hemisphere University(SNHU) is not a typical online college as it has had a massive advertising push during the past few years. This place seems to be an innovative program that also offers a substantial degree with options of various subjects in which you can do your majors. This place also gives you subjects options in which you can graduate, and undergraduate is typical. Still, here you will also get a chance in which you can get an opportunity for the certificate programs. 

Does SNHU accept FAFSA and grants?

The answer to this question is yes. The university accepts all kinds of grants, fellowships, scholarships, and FAFSA. This place is also considered non-profitable.

Courses that are offered by this place

This university offers courses: Engineering, Math and sciences, Liberal arts, Education, Technology, Health, healthcare administration, Public health and nursing, Psychology and counseling, and many more.

  • Great Basin College

Though this place is a small community, this place offers a verified degree for students who want to study online or on campus. One best quality of this university is that it is also one of the safest universities in the States. Around 4000 students are served here who want to get an education at the campus, and almost the same amount of people are doing online courses. 

FAFSA accepted at Great Basin College

GBC accepts the total funding of grants, FAFSA, fellowships, or study loans, so they can get it done online. The GCU also accepts the Federal Direct Parent Loan(FDL). 

What are some courses that this place offers?

The college offers many programs in which you can excel, such as Nursing, English, Social sciences, Graphic communications, Digital Information technology, Early Childhood Education, and several other courses. 

  • Western Governors University 

Western Governors University(WGU) is a non-profit college that offers a wide range of online degree programs for more than 70,000 students. This institute provides online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. The university has also been awarded the Ralph E Gormy Award because of its high-quality education in the field of online education. 

Grants are available at the Western Governors University

Western Governors University(WGU) provides grants and scholarships in a vast range for all students. Students can be awarded these grants or scholarships once during their degree programs. Right now, the university is providing grants only for students who are residents of the USA. 

Online course At WGU

The university offers almost 60 programs in all fields. Some courses you can avail of during your bachelor’s programs are Elementary Education, Health Profession Programs, Information technology, and many others. For online master’s degree programs, you can enroll in the fields of Education programs, Business, and ManagementManagement, Computer Information systems, Information Technologies, etc.

  • American Public University

American Public University(APU) is a profitable university that provides many online courses. The university ranked number 1 in the state of West Virginia and is classified as one of the top 10 in the nation. This place offers around 190-200 online courses for all the degree programs. They also provide an open admission policy. Around 75-80% of students have improved after graduating from this place. Not only this, but many of the students have also recommended his institute to other students. 

Does American Public University offer grants or federal aid?

The university offers several financial aid options that will help you pay your school fees, such as grants and loans. 

Online Courses Available at The University

Some online courses are available for graduates, undergraduates, and certified courses such as Military History, Space Studies, Criminal Justice, Masters Degrees In DanceOnline Nursing ProgramsEarly Childhood Education Degree Online, RN to BSN Online Programs, Business, Electrical Engineering, Health Sciences, Reverse Logistics Management, etc.


This article was about the cheap colleges that accept grants, FAFSA, and Federal aid for all the students who want to get a degree by attending online classes. We have briefly reviewed some cheap universities yet ranked at suitable positions. 

Additionally, these universities have a wide range of degree programs in undergraduate programs, Graduate programs, and masters. Some offer students for doctoral programs available online. 

We wish all the tutees good luck and hope this article will benefit them while searching for cheap colleges that offer online classes.


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