Masters Degrees (Dance Online)

The master’s degree in dance education online is designed especially for public school working dance professionals and dance educators with full-time jobs. This program was mainly established in the 2000s and provided the students with rich experiences in dance art. Plus, they also get scholarships that mainly entwine critical investigation, creative expression, and practice.

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Students from North Carolina and other countries or states are all welcome. This degree can be completed part-time easily, combining on-campus summer study, online courses, and more. Presently, this program is specifically admitting students from different areas of the US in large numbers. You can also benefit from the perks and superb activities that this degree offers. 

Prerequisites Needed For Admission To Masters Degree In Dance Education

In general, the admission requirements transcripts the major demonstrating coursework from the institution. It demonstrates great proficiency in the below pieces of evidence:

  • Evidence of experience in dance production
  • Coursework in a minimum of one class in kinesiology, injury prevention, or applied anatomy
  • Coursework in a minimum of one dance class with a major emphasis on global dance forms or contemporary Dance
  • Progressive dance training at a minimum intermediate level in a specific dance style of choice
  • Experience in choreography and improvisation

Top Universities/Programs Offering Masters Degree In Dance Education

1. University of Roehampton 

You will be able to find the main relationship between society and Dance in this quite new and interesting program. Engaging in superb discussions with the dance community internationally, you’ll examine dancing, dancers, and dance practices through political and sociological lenses.

2. Cornell University

If you’re a dancer interested in developing your abilities, this program will help you explore the breadth of your studio practice and training. So, you may use Dance as a creative & improvisatory tool as well as practice research that can affect cultural and social norms.

3. The University of Alabama

Teaching and learning methods in the Masters in Dance education programs are particularly designed to offer a range of fundamental opportunities for students. This helps them to get familiar with quite new topics and ideas. In addition, it also enhances their comprehension, home research and critical thinking skills.

4. Temple University

This university offers practice-based programs that will absolutely motivate you to approach outstanding performance as a nice critical practice. Moreover, you can also enjoy the complex relationships that exist in performing dances and making different dance steps. 

5. University of Chichester

If you are super passionate about Dance & wish to teach in colleges and secondary schools, you should definitely choose to consider this institute to earn a master’s degree in Dance online. It will incredibly permit you to become a skilled and qualified teacher in only one year.

5. Middlesex University 

Well, this is a very adaptable MA program that may be completed entirely online at your own pace. This course was designed with your ability to keep working. Plus, it also works best while combining your professional experience and education as a full-time student in mind.

6. ThinkSpace Education Masters Courses

This innovative online master’s program in music production and songwriting will amazingly bring out the most incredible talent in you as a super contemporary artist. Furthermore, it will also assist you in keeping you going with reinventing the musical approach after you have just graduated.

Who Is This Program Exactly For?

Well, the dance education programs are designed particularly for the full-time educators of Dance teaching a diverse population to lots of willing students. Many assignments of the course need teaching public school people or similar populations. Moreover, just keep in mind that this program isn’t suitable for those who are teaching in just professional studios or typically commercial places.


Plus, those students who hold an initial license in Dance already can also decide to earn the latest license with the degree in an incredible way. But this option isn’t available for those who don’t have the initial license already. So, must keep that in mind if you’re thinking about considering this option. The program of study of Dance education mainly relies on an assumption. It is that all the teachers who are working at the high graduate level possess enough skills already.


Therefore, the program is made for specific students who are highly able to function perfectly as super independent learners. Many online dance education courses include challenging assignments and substantive reading. This way, all the students need to work within a deadline, receiving extensive and valuable feedback from skilled instructors.

How Much Time does a Master’s Degree In Dance Take?

Students in the MA in this degree are best for full-time educators of Dance in schools, mainly taking one course every semester & one to two courses during summers over the period of three years. And the least time needed for the completion of this dance education degree is around 3 years. Many graduate schools also allow 5 years for a master’s degree in Dance Education completion.

All the courses that offer this degree are either taught online or in the summer. Most of them are presently available in the rotation of three years. The major elective courses might be taken at a lot of institutions. The students can also take on-campus classes if the university offers them for more than two weeks, according to the schedules.

Students taking one 3-credit graduate course during the regular academic year may anticipate spending around 12 hours on course-related activities. It’s important for those with demanding schedules like those of full-time workers to think about whether or not they can make this kind of commitment. Several of the classes will need you to create your dance education instructional strategies and assist your students.


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