5 Best Master’s in Accounting Programs

The accounting MBA programs prepare students for jobs in accounting administration and the CPA exams. Students gain great skills to become auditors, financial managers, accountants, and more. Yes, it is undeniably the best business degree for businesses.

Accounting graduate degrees are challenging & include many crucial areas. And on our list, the students at any school undergo significant training in advanced accounting technologies, soft skills, methodologies, effective strategies, and different other areas of your profession. These programs are particularly concentrated on the CPA exam preparation. 

Learners at any reputable school gain valuable connections through skilled teachers, mentors, working professionals, and classmates. They have almost every essential thing to attain fantastic employment positions.

What to Expect From The Degree of Accounting Master’s?

The most efficient and high-end accounting universities assist graduate students in developing into specialists in the account. Moreover, accounting in Master’s programs offers all the learners the expertise in order to respond to huge challenges within the different industries. Such programs take almost 1 to 2 years to complete the entire course & feature between 30 to 45 credits.

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There are many different formats, pedagogies, and content areas for Master’s degrees in accounting. They may take place in many settings, such as a traditional classroom setting, a virtual one, or a combination of the two. Advanced accounting theory, hands-on experience, and electives like management accounting and tax are all part of the curriculum.


A lot of reliable accounting programs assist in preparing the students for the best postgraduate credentials, like the CPA (Certified Public Accountant). The degree might also lead all the potential graduates to the doctoral program in the field of accounting or any other related one. To qualify for transfer credits or doctoral programs, students need to join an accredited school.

Top 4 Universities Offering Master of Accountancy Programs

1. University of Washington

This university provides great coursework that highly concentrates on emerging technologies and data analysis, allowing you to bring robotic process techniques and automation data into your career. A lot of courses in the program are efficiently taught by experts from different companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, Tableau, Moss Adam, and PwC.

This nin-month program efficiently admits around 50 students every year & prepared you to sit in Washington State for Certified Public Accountant. You can also complete the high-quality winter internship with EY Center in addition to the eight classes. 

2. University of Virginia

The Master’s accounting program offered by the University of Virginia boasts around a 96% – 100% placement rate of jobs, along with most students if they aren’t securing a good job after graduation. But wait—there’s more! This amazing program is accredited by the Collegiate Schools of Business association & is designated by STEM. Its curriculum centers on the best practical and experiential learning, which ensures that you acknowledge how you can link practice and theory.

Also, you can select between two main career tracks which are the industry track and the public accounting track. You have no other choice but to select any kind of other specialization like information technology, enterprise risk management, or tax strategy. Throughout the entire program of this university, you can closely work with faculty mentors and career counselors to assist you in charting the professional path. 

3. University of Florida

The Master of Accounting in science by the University of Florida is best considered in many aspects. This program is for nine-month and is STEM-designed for students who hold the Accountancy Bachelor of science degree. The 2019 class also had a placement rate for jobs of 99% within around 6 months of graduation. 

Their MAS program is undeniably analytics-focused and contains extensive data on taking the STEM approach in order to study accounting. Plus, you can select the specialization course in international business and governance, data analysis, control, information technology, supply chain management, and finance.

4. Georgia Southern University USA

The Master of Accounting by Georgia University Program is specially designed for students who really want to become CPAs (certified public accountants). The curriculum offered by their program includes around 18 credit hours of law coursework and accounting, permitting you to personalize the program to fit all the career objectives of the CPA exam.

You can also differentiate yourself simply by pursuing the Forensic Accounting and Tax certificate. The students can take a lot of benefit from the experiment-oriented curriculum that effectively merges the practice and theory and equips them with the latest tools required to excel as a CPA. This degree contains 30-credit hours and can be completed easily in one academic year.

How Much Do Masters in Accounting Programs Actually Cost?

A master’s degree in accounting costs between $500 to $2,000 per credit hour. Nonetheless, tuition varies depending on whether a student attends class online, in-state, or out-of-state. Prices may be affected by a school’s popularity and whether or not it is publicly or privately funded.

Prospective students must also consider some extra fees, like application, technology, and registration fees. However, most schools don’t always add such additional costs to the tuition fees.

Finding the best financial choices to pursue a master’s degree can highly lessen the overall cost. And browsing reasonable programs for a master’s degree is the best possible way to start your research.


You can enjoy valuable study packages and programs depending on the university you have chosen. A lot of universities mentioned above are strongly focused on the Master of accountancy programs preparation – so that all the graduates can pass their tests with great convenience. Anyhow, there are some other programs as well that are of high quality but permit more flexibility to its curriculum, in which you can navigate from CPA preparation further if something else is of interest, such as Forensic Accounting.


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