Top Scholarships and Aid Offered By The USA Universities

Over 1200 scholarships are easily available at the top universities in the USA for international students, especially for the 2023 academic year. The best part? These scholarships offer a monthly stipend of an average of $20000 with health insurance, travel allowance, accommodation charges, and tuition fees.


Apply for completely funded scholarships & make your dream come true of studying at the top universities like Harvard University USA, Boise State University, Clark University, Berea College, Yale University the USA, and many more.

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Moreover, there are a lot of available resources for students to look for scholarships, and many services are also there that charge students for access to the database of scholarships or to conduct the search for scholarships on behalf of students. If you’ve enough resources and time, most of the searches for scholarships can be found for free online.

Universities Offering Evident Scholarship Programs

1. Stanford University Scholarships

The scholarship offered by Stanford University is a completely funded scholarship for all eligible international students. You can apply for scholarships for Ph.D. and Master’s studies. This covers full travelling allowance, tuition fees, academic expenses, and living allowance.

2. Yale University Scholarships 

Yale University provides completely funded scholarships with lots of exceptional benefits and perks. This offers great Undergraduate Financial Aid to students. Yale scholarships can differentiate from some hundred dollars (almost $70,000 or more per year). And Yale’s average scholarship (need-based) is more than $50,000.

3. University of New Haven Scholarship

This scholarship is mostly offered for master’s studies. The package that New Haven University has is all-in-one and superb. It will provide work opportunities and experiential learning for the entirety of the graduate program of this university, with 75% of the tuition fee & an hourly wage.

4. Fulbright Scholarships 

Fullbright scholarships are best to consider for international students. Mostly, Ph.D. studies and master’s studies students can enjoy the opportunity of their scholarship programs. It will cover a lot of important aspects, including a living stipend, health insurance, full tuition fee, accommodation fee, and airfare insurance.

5. University of Minnesota Fellowship

This university has amazing perks and crisps when it comes to providing all-inclusive scholarships. It is best for the master’s studies in all aspects. You can enjoy different opportunities with this scholarship, including health insurance, living expenses, full tuition cost, and more.

6. ACI Foundation Scholarship USA

Many students from other countries benefit from the full financial support of the ACI Foundation Scholarship. It is intended for graduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and undergraduate students. The award provides a stipend of up to $20,000 to cover expenses, including tuition, books, housing, and transportation.

7. The HAAA Scholarship

The University of Harvard is regarded as one of the top educational institutions in the United States. Students of Arab descent who are serious about pursuing an undergraduate degree are encouraged to apply for the HAAA Scholarship. In 2010, the Harvard Arab Association launched a Scholarship fund, the first of its type at Harvard, to further its goal of increasing the proportion of Arab students at the university.

8. Cornell University Financial Aid USA

Cornell University Scholarship is undoubtedly the best ever scholarship and is need-based financial assistance for a lot of international students. Moreover, this brings many superb opportunities to deserving undergraduate students. Plus, it offers financial aid to particularly admitted students on the international level who have specifically applied for this financial help & have demonstrated a need for this assistance.

9. Clark Global Scholarship Program

Like other programs, the Clark global scholarship program is a fully funded scholarship for undergraduate international students. This will cover around  $15,000 to $25,000 every year, and meet the academic standards efficiently for smooth renewal.

10. Boston University Presidential Scholarship

The scholarship that Boston University Presidental University is especially for undergraduate students. It will amazingly cover so many aspects and needs of the students with the amount of almost $25000 per year off your specific course fees and is more renewable for more than four years of your undergraduate study timeline.

11. Berea College Scholarships

The scholarship offered by Berea College has lots of incredible benefits, and international students can avail the opportunities of top-class facilities very easily with their scholarship programs. They provide complete 100% funding to around 100% of students internationally enrolled for the very first year of their enrollment.

Are You Eligible For a Scholarship?

Scholarship eligibility mainly depends on the program of scholarship. There’s no specific rule of thumb on if you are eligible for this financial reward. Yes, some scholarships need students to have a particular TOEFL score, some ask for your country, and some also ask for you to have particular grade point coverage.


Do your own homework to find out whether you are really eligible to get a scholarship or not. This process might be overwhelming, but keep in mind that college admissions staff and financial aid professionals are there to help you locate every penny of assistance to which you are entitled.

  • How to Apply:

There is no particular rule on how you can apply for any scholarship. It usually depends on the universities, as most of them would need an application form from you, and others may need a particular written piece of work.


You should get in touch with the scholarship’s administration if you locate one you believe you could qualify for. The scholarship administrators’ contact information may be found in the search results for the “” Scholarship.


For students who want to study in the US, many scholarships can be valuable assistance towards financing their goals and study aims. Whether you’re a new student going on to a high graduate college, returning to school for the new different year, or you’re an incoming comer for the first year, there’s always financial assistance out there.


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