Top 10 R.N. to BSN Online Programs IN USA

Registered nurses (RN) pursue a bachelor’s of science in nursing (BSN) for numerous reasons across many various seasons of life. Furthermore, the combination of a condensed curriculum, increased critical thinking abilities, and leadership skills make a high-priority R.N. to BSN online program ideal for working professionals. It should not prevent you from advancing your career or education.


This post will cover all you need to understand about the top 10 RN-to-BSN online programs for 2022, including the advantages, considerations, and expectations for prospective students.

Why Choose Online RN-to-BSN Programs?

Well, there are several situations in which a simplified RN-to-BSN program is beneficial. Some top-notch benefits of the online R.N. to BSN programs are as follows:

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  • These programs are especially a great deal for entrepreneurs. Due to the rapid speed of the online program, you need to be motivated and focused.
  • It offers resume enhancement. Yes, a bachelor’s degree is advantageous if you seek new employment, a side gig, or more schooling.
  • You will get enhanced employment opportunities. Also, you may earn the degree via remote education while you live and work in your area.
  • A lot of chances of jobs with a better salary would be there. As per payscale, the average yearly compensation for BSN graduates seems to be $85,539, while the average annual salary for ADN graduates is $69,901. So, BSN-prepared nurses typically earn approximately $15,638 or even more annually on average.
  • Acquiring leadership abilities is also one of its amazing perks. The framework of RN-to-BSN online programs facilitates the development and growth of leadership qualities.
  • It enhances critical reasoning skills. All classes in the RN-to-BSN program emphasize greater levels of critical thinking.

Best Online RN-to-BSN Programs

1. The Oklahoma State University:

In 2019, Finest College Reviews ranked this BSN online program as the best in the country. This particular program is convenient for nurses but requires two Saturday orientation days each year and offers on-campus monthly courses. The program may be finished in as short as 9 months. However, it can also be done part-time.

2. Capella University:

Nurses and consists of 10-week sessions established in the university curriculum. Capella University has a remarkable graduation record and a flexible transfer credit policy for nursing students.

It enables you to pursue master-level courses that apply to your BSN. Upon application and acceptance to the specific MSN program, these master’s courses may be added to the degree, saving money and time.

3. Arizona State College:

This curriculum consists of 10 courses, each lasting 7.5 weeks. Present R.N.s may complete this program within 15 – 18 months. Moreover, the curriculum has 39 credits, lengthier than many other online BSN programs, but the courses are more creative. ASU was named by U.S. News and World Reports as having one of the year’s most impressive BSN programs.

4. Herzing University

Well, this program has its rolling admission policy, which enables applicants to apply anytime it is most efficient and convenient. In addition, students may begin the curriculum at their speed. Classes are eight weeks long, and you may earn the degree in as little as one year. Students may pursue a master’s degree concurrently with the BSN program. It helps students save money and time.

5. Central Florida State University

This bachelor’s degree program was named the best online bachelor’s program by U.S. World News & Report in 2021. The 30 credit hrs of education may be finished at the full-time rate in three semesters or as gradually as 10 semesters and five years. Additionally, you may apply up to nine graduate-level credit hours to the MSN degree.

6. Cincinnati’s University

This online program requires students to finish nine main courses and one capstone course. Except for the fourteen-week course, each course lasts just seven weeks. This program may be completed by full-time students of BSN in two semesters, although part-time nurses can finish it in three or five semesters. In addition, there seem to be six start opportunities for particular students in this program, and the BSN program is focused on developing nursing leaders.

7. Chamberlain University

This program advertises that there is no necessary login need for online courses. Students in an asynchronous program may start and complete coursework at their speed and with no oversight. Chamberlain University’s advertising shows that this curriculum is fully customized and perfect for working nurses. You may complete this curriculum in three semesters or less.

8. The University of George Washington

Nurses with a valid R.N. license and a particular associate degree may apply to this online program. Additionally, G.W. Nursing guarantees admission to individuals who satisfy certain criteria. In addition, this online initiative provides special money for veterans & military personnel. This 36-credit hours program is typically completed in around 15 months.

9. University of Phoenix

Well, the students may get their diplomas in fourteen months. Plus, this program enables students to study a single course or many courses simultaneously. The courses, mostly in R.N. to BSN program, last five weeks. This program was intended for nurses & contained courses intended by professionals to promote the skills of critical thinking relevant to their careers.

10. Western Governors University

Recognized as the best affordable school by Research and Review of University, this RN-BSN program expands on your prior nursing training and practice experience, emphasizing research, leadership, theory, and contemporary healthcare trends. Within 18 months, 66% of students finish this program.

Important Things To Consider While Selecting the Best CCNE Accredited Online R.N. to BSN Program

The most important factors to consider while picking the finest online RN-to-BSN programs are as follows:

• Program length:

The difference between nine and twelve months doesn’t exist for some people. Nonetheless, if your job or life plans depend upon your chosen graduation date, be sure to factor this into your preparations.

• Cost:

The cost of tuition varies widely amongst accelerated RN-to-BSN programs. Cost can greatly affect the decisions of many students.

• Academic work:

While programs share similar objectives, the particulars of every course differ. Examine the courses as well as curriculum before attendance.

• Clinical instruction:

What would be the objectives of your desired program’s clinical practicum? Does your work environment or clinical site choice support these goals?

• Admission requirements:

Notice that: Can you fulfill every requirement? Does your current state of residence or license meet the program requirements you want to enroll in?

• Study methods:

What amount of faculty participation does the institution offer? Are academic advisors, office hours, & tutoring available? Or become you left to fend for yourself? Which allows you to flourish?

• Career goals:

The majority of R.N. to BSN programs are effective for nurses. Furthermore, some nurses select their degrees based on their motivation to work in the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a BSN program online?

A BSN program is intended for registered nurses or students who have previously earned their R.N., most often via an associate’s degree program or diploma. Classes are only available online and are limited to those necessary to achieve a BSN. There are no linked clinical or laboratory components, nor are there any general education or elective courses.

  • Can you get a job while enrolled in a BSN-to-RN program online?

One advantage of online nursing schools is that all the nurses are expected to keep employment while enrolled. They are intended for the practicing nurse who has established nursing practice already. The majority of programs require women to work a limit of around 30 hours a week while enrolled.

  • How long is a BSN-to-RN online program?

The majority of online programs may be finished within one to two years, relying on the amount of online coursework required and the rate at which the student can complete them.


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