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The world today is becoming more and more specialized. Whether it’s the services industry or any other, the focus is always to recruit specialists in the field. Every time, there are some professions most coveted by the intelligentsia and subsequently degrees that lead to those professions. However, they are often transitory. Many times it happens that when you get out of college with a such degree the popularity bubble has exploded and you are left out to freeze. So to avoid this, you must always choose your degree carefully.

Childhood education is one thing from which focus and demand are very less likely to shift. Education for kids in early childhood is a very wide career path. You can choose it to make your place in a rewarding career teaching children in preschool age. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the job outlook is strong in early childhood education and is expected to see a steady rise for at least a decade. The job is not only about teaching them, but it involves caring for them too. If you are someone who is passionate about teaching children and enjoys the company of children, you should think about it. First, you must be clear about what exactly is early education.

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What is early childhood education?

Early childhood education is a relatively broad term and encompasses children from a wide age group. The learning period constitutes children from birth to 8 years at most. The programs may differ in their nature as some may be federal, and others may be state or privately funded. The same goes for curriculum and approach to educating children. However, the standards are generally agreed upon across the board. The goal of early childhood education is to ensure the optimum development of children’s full potential. Its importance can be judged from the fact that the foundation of the lifelong learning of the child is laid here.

What is an early childhood education degree?

The degree is simply just another bachelor’s or master’s degree that provides students with knowledge about early childhood education. All areas of study are covered here and it may go for a specific period depending upon the degree you choose.

The areas of study covered include developing classroom activities according to the topics and similarly evaluating the children’s achievements. Technology integration within the classroom is taught to facilitate both learning and teaching. The aim is to equip you to enable children to face the world they are about to enter. It includes such important things as age-appropriate values and educational ethics.

As per your interest, you can also specialize in science or music as both are irreplaceable parts of school education. You are trained to deal with children from diverse backgrounds and equally diverse mental faculties. In a nutshell, you are taught to be a teacher for preschool kids.

What can an early childhood education degree offer you?

Within the ambit of early childhood education, you can opt for any of the following careers.

Preschool Teacher

Preschool is the earliest phase of children’s education and a preschool teacher prepares them for the next stages. The age-appropriate curriculum is planned and creative ways are devised to teach the children while keeping them engaged. Another important responsibility of a preschool teacher is to keep an eye out for any emotional or developmental issues among children.

School Counselor

Counselors and psychologists are an important part of any school. Their function is to identify any kind of emotional, cognitive, or behavioral problem among children. With an early childhood education degree, you can work for the betterment of these young students.

Kindergarten School Teacher

Just a step up from the preschool stage, the role of the kindergarten school teacher is pretty much the same. Though the subjects diversify a little, the goals remain the same. The developing children are given education including tests, and activities as per their competence. It’s the responsibility of the teacher to note any abnormality in students’ learning. With an early childhood education degree, you are fully equipped for the job.

How can you become an Early Childhood Teacher?

A promising career like an early childhood educator demands proper qualifications. The aspirant must have a high school diploma and an early childhood education degree. An early childhood educator needs a bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education to get started. Working experience of some degree is also appreciated but you can get a job without too. Though it is always beneficial to get working experience at summer camps or voluntary teaching jobs. The steps you need to take are listed below

  • Enroll in an Early Childhood Education program (you can easily find online free programs)
  • Gain experience through voluntary work
  • Get an Associate or Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education
  • Earn your Child Development Associate Certificate

A bachelor’s degree is enough to get you an early childhood educator job, however, you can move up the ladder by getting a master’s or doctoral degree.

Free early childhood education degree online

One of the most important aspects of the spread of internet technology is that it has made education available at your doorstep. Now you don’t need to get off to far-flung places to get a degree. Everything is possible with an internet connection and a computer. Now students can find opportunities to take classes in free courses initiated by international universities. Not only international universities, but various other institutes also offer paid or free online degrees. You can also choose full-time or part-time as per your preference. Do some research and get enrolled in a free early childhood education degree online. Numerous institutes are offering free or affordable early childhood education degrees.

The courses may vary from program to program but some classes are prerequisites like humanities and science. They also include skills needed to succeed in a near childhood education career. Various nationally accredited courses are designed to graduate early childhood educators to equip them to work in preschools and other early childhood settings. By getting these free online degrees, ranging from 4-8 semesters, you can teach preschool, become counselors or play role in various early childhood education careers.


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