Application Guidance For M.S.N

M.S.N. degree provides a facility to pursue a vast career for international and local students, although for those who are working from the other corner of the world. Most people can work as clinical specialists, research nurses, nurse administrators, consultant nurses, nurse educators, and practitioner nurses. M.S.N. is not just a degree; it’s a way to help people who don’t have enough information about their health. After the completion of the degree, the salary package is different from country to country; but in the U.S.A., it is approximately 58000-176000 USD in a year which is completely depending on the professional role and experience. 

There are up to 350 institutions that work in this field and have a two-year program for completion. If you are going to become a professional, then you should do a master’s course after completing the bachelor’s degree. A degree of master’s provides skills, specialization, and advanced training to their candidates. The U.S. has the top 3 universities that offer master’s in nursing, such as John Hopkins University, the University of Washington, and the University of Pennsylvania.

If you want to apply for a master’s degree at these universities, you have to obtain a bachelor’s degree, which is also called B.S.N., and a license of R.N. (Registered Nurse). For international candidates, a G.P.A. must be up to 3.0 to 4.0 with a percentage of approximately 83% to 86%, which is contemplated as M.S.N. Program Admission Requirements.

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M.S.N. (Post Licensure)

Application Process

The method for registration for a Master’s degree of M.S.N. is unique in almost every University, but some basic things are listed below: 

  1. Submit your complete information about the application for the graduation program.
  2. Pay an application fee that is non-refundable.
  3. Submit an official and original transcript of all post-secondary educational institutions. 
  4. Give two letters of recommendation. One should be a personal preference, while the other should be an intellectual reference. 

Complete all documents and send them to the admission office. All necessary material should be received earlier when a student is willing for admission. 

Application Process of Nursing CAS

A candidate will also submit the application via the NursingCAS site:

  1. Individuals submitting their applications via NursingCAS must follow NursingCAS requirements.
  2. If you receive any changes or materials after submitting your application to NursingCAS, email the College Administration. 

Enrollment Periods of Application

Graduate candidates are usually admitted to begin with the last time period of semester. Candidates can apply for graduate courses within the spring term, along with the approval of the administration.

Program Capacity

Limited seats are available for the degree of master’s in Nursing. Thus, applicants are willing to apply and send official documents before the deadline. However, if the number of qualifying candidates surpasses the number of available program seats, candidates will be admitted depending on the factor indicated on the Process of Admissions page.

M.S.N. in the USA

A candidate gets a degree of masters in nursing and focuses on some practice areas:

  • Nurse Midwife
  • Nurse Anesthetist
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Clinical Specialist

Conditional Admission

  • If a candidate may not meet with above requirements of G.P.A. who have a minimum of 2.5 overall G.P.A. in their graduation study; may request conditional admission via a letter and appeal to the Nursing Dean.
  • By removing the conditional admission, a candidate should get a 3.0 G.P.A. & zero grades less than B via the second last semester of enrollment. 
  • Students who are admitted conditionally may not achieve a 3.0 G.P.A. & get a less than B grade; students who drop out of the program during their second semester of attendance will not be eligible for re-admission.

Order of Admissions

Admission is granted in the manner that approved applicants submit the deposit required for enrollment. The candidate with the top G.P.A. will be awarded admission if more than one applicant has the same date of payment and there aren’t enough openings in the program.

Process of Admission

The license of R.N. and degree of bachelor in nursing could apply for M.S.N. in the U.S. The question is how to apply. So the student may apply for an M.S.N. degree in the U.S. Directly from the website of the University. Fees of application in the U.S. is mostly around 50-120 USD for M.S.N. 

Is it possible to apply for an M.S.N. degree internationally? 

Yes, absolutely yes, international students also apply for an M.S.N. degree online by following the procedure of the overseas student’s form. International students who are at the undergraduate level can apply for B.S.N. & A.D.N. Graduate students’ degrees are highly qualified to pursue NCLE and NCLEX; registered nurses give licensing exams.

Do I need IELTS to study nursing in the United States?

If you want to attend & complete your academic studies for a minimum of 1 year in the U.S., then you will be accepted by the University for study in the U.S. without IELTS. You can find some intensive programs of English learning which few universities offer. They serve as a stand-in for the TOEFL & IELTS exams and are referred to as IELP.

How can I apply for a master’s scholarship in the U.S.?

The reputed organization in the U.S., The Fulbright Program, provides the opportunity to international Students to get admission in Master’s and PhD. a scholarship may also be applied for postgraduate non-degree qualifications. The grant tuition fee, airfare, health insurance, textbooks, and a living stipend. 


If the nursing field grows, then the capacity for job opportunities may increase. A degree has a shortage in the U.S., although the degree of master’s in nursing gives more opportunities and provides higher income to the graduates. The demand for individuals with a degree of master’s in nursing or a comparable postgraduate degree in nursing and healthcare management is rising, based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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