Best US Universities Offering MBA Programs in Iowa

In the MBA program, the students earn the same excellent quality degree that major on-campus students have been incredibly earning for decades. Yes, it’s true! But without putting a family life or career on hold, which is amazing. Students build a huge global network, gain lifelong skills of leadership, and achieve business mastery as they work with fellow faculty and students.

Courses focus on expert skills, best job search practice, & how to nail the interview as an important part of the curriculum. Furthermore, the career services team gives company visits, workshops, and guest speakers focused on significant soft-skill development.

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Best Online MBA Programs in Iowa

IOWA doesn’t offer any sort of online AACSB-Accredited MBA programs. Anyhow, neighboring states like Minnesota and Nebraska do. To assist you in searching the MBA programs quickly, we’ve put together the below list:

1. University of Nebraska Lincoln

This university provides a top-notch MBA program online. Also, it’s ranked 12th on a global level by the Financial Times. It is offered in both online formats as well as hybrid formats. UNL is the only Big Top Ten University of Nebraska, and all of the courses of this program are efficiently taught by high-end faculty who are all professionals in their field.


The Online MBA of UNL comes with a length of 48 credit hours and comprises 10 classes of 30 hours, nine elective hours, and nine breadth electives hours. The program can be entirely completed online, & the best thing is that no campus visits are needed. The program usually takes 1.5 years, but the completion time will typically be around three years.  

2. The University of Iowa

When it comes to quality AACSB-Accredited programs for MBA, the University of Iowa has a lot to offer a lot. Forbes ranks the MBA at 26th number among the most trusted and reliable MBA programs in the USA. Tippie offers three major MBA programs: Professional MBA, Executive MBA, and Full-Time MBA. Each is designed especially to meet the quality needs of students with different criteria.


Their MBA program contains 60 credit hours, of which 29 credit hours are Academy credits & elective courses, and 31 credits are for needed courses. Basically, it’s a full-time MBA program, & classes are typically delivered during the daytime on the Iowa City campus. Plans of study are categorized and based on a specific track that the students choose themselves.

3. University of Northern Iowa

This university offers MBA programs on a large level. Their program is highly ranked, & the Princeton Review has also described this famous school as the best business school choice. Yes, its flexibility and design also make it super good and preferable. You can join it as a full-time or part-time student according to your convenience and ease. The student body of the UNI is diverse, and all the courses are usually delivered by the faculty in demand.


The MBS program it offers contains 30 credits on the modular scheduling framework, which allows the students to engage perfectly in the program on a part-time and full-time basis. The background of each student and the commitment time are evaluated, & a custom study program is created for all of them. All the courses are offered in the evening timings from around 5:30 – 9 pm, along with Saturday’s occasional classes.

4. Upper Iowa University USA

Upper Iowa University was founded in 1857, and provides the HLC MBA program. This program offers both online and on-campus classes and is built especially on the curriculum that is based on forward-thinking that highly encourages the perspective on leadership, integration, and ethics. The qualified academic faculty members of UIU teach almost all the classes.


The MBA program of this university is 36 credits in length, comprising 18 hours of the curriculum, 15 credit hours of electives, and 3 capstone hours. You can take the on-campus classes, online classes, or even both if needed. For the online programs, no residency is needed, and the classes are generally asynchronous, which clearly means that the students can easily take classes according to their ease at any time. Areas of emphasis include Human Resources Management, Organizational Development, and Accounting.

5. Maharishi University of Management

This university is located in Iowa, Fairland. It was basically founded in 1971 & offers great MBA programs that are mostly based on Consciousness-Based Education. The decent focus of MUM is that it literally goes beyond brain functioning and consciousness. Plus, the program has a length of 60 credits, consisting of 42 specialization credits, 18 national credits, elective courses, and consciousness-based requirements.


In addition, the program highly embraces sustainable business practices and lean management theory, including the Balanced Scorecard approach and Triple Bottom Line approach. At a time, most students study just one course in a four-week time period. Examples of main specialization topics include Accounting and Sustainable Business. Some instances of concentrations usually include International Business, Financial Management, and Marketing.

Iowa MBA Job Outlook and Salary

It is good to search for different job opportunities in the state before researching Iowa MBA options. Yes, Iowa has lots of opportunities, and you can enjoy many perks of being an MBA graduate student there. It undeniably has a diverse economy. Almost nine industry segments largely contributed around $127.7 Billion in GDP to Iowa. 


Insurance, Real Estate, and Finance led the way by offering about 8.21% of the jobs in the states. And this is good news for a lot of holders of MBA degrees; the FIR industry is incredibly a top-notch industry for graduates.


Iowa is home to lots of nationally respected and high-quality MBA programs. The University of Iowa, The University of Northern Iowa, & Iowa State University all offer top-notch MBA campus programs. Other universities, like the Maharishi University of Management, generally approach MBA education from a distinct perspective that encompasses body, spirit, and mind.



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