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Herzing University is primarily a private university with its main Campus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and many smaller campuses in other states. Henry and Suzanne Herzing opened a school for computer science education in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1965. Through the years, Herzing has grown to include nine physical campuses in the U.S. and one online branch. Due to the addition of a master’s degree program in 2009, Herzing College was renamed Herzing University.

The institution provides degrees in nursing, technology, business, and healthcare, among others. In addition to its many campus sites, Herzing University provides an excellent online education program. The institution accommodates students’ hectic schedules by offering flexible courses with individualized attention.

Admissions to Herzing University

The main mission of Herzing University is to assist you in achieving success in your chosen profession. Herzing University’s acceptance rate is much less than most nursing schools, approx. 91% make it the least selective one.

With the assistance of knowledgeable and approachable teachers and staff, we deliver a convenient, career-focused, and compassionate learning environment. From the application process through graduation and beyond, Herzing is committed to ensuring your success.

Herzing University Admissions Requirements

Herzing University admissions occur with five steps tailored to each student:

  • Schedule a Meeting 

Students visit, on Campus or remotely, to explore program alternatives, admissions and degree requirements, and the tools available to assist them in achieving their academic objectives.

  • Application & Transcripts

Students are needed to submit an application and transcripts. All programs require at least a high school diploma or the equivalent.

  • Supply Any Exam Results

Students complete all relevant examinations, admission exams, and additional paperwork based on the desired program.

  • Create Funding Plan

Students collaborate with a financial aid specialist to develop a complete financing strategy.

  • Class Begins

After being accepted, students prepare for and begin class.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Students must own a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) or any high school certificate.


Students may either get their degree online or at one of the nine physical campuses in seven different states throughout the United States. In addition to attending classes at a physical campus, students may also enroll in online courses.

Nursing, technology, healthcare, business, law, and public safety are just a few of the subjects covered by Herzing University’s curriculum. Herzing offers various undergraduate and graduate degrees, including associate’s degrees, certificates, bachelor’s degrees, associate’s degrees, and Master’s degrees. There is a vast range of degree selections available at each Campus.

Degrees and Programs

Degrees Offered

Students can attend one of the nine on-campus locations in 7 U.S. states or complete their whole degree by online mode. In addition to attending classes on a physical campus, students may also enroll in online courses.

Herzing University offers certificates in more than 40 degree programs, Associate of Science degrees, Diplomas, Bachelor of Science degrees, and Master’s degrees. The offered courses are different depending on the location of the institution.

The Master’s degree programs offered by Herzing include seven MBA specializations and six MSN programs. In as few as four years, students may acquire both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. Continuing education students may enroll as non-degree-seeking students pursuing college credit.

Programs Offered

  1. Programs at Herzing University
  2. The School of Nursing Programs
  3. Technology Programs

Business Programs

  1. Legal Studies Programs 
  2. Behavioral Health Programs
  3. Public Safety Programs

Other Courses

Online and Evening Programs, Post-Certificate Master’s in Nursing with a Concentration in Business.

Is Herzing University Nationally Accredited?

The U.S. EducationDepartment recognizes the Higher Learning Commission (hlcommission.org) as an institutional accrediting organization; this entity has granted Herzing University its accreditation.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Academic Fee

Regarding the cost of attending university, students should be aware that Herzing University tuition represents just a percentage of the total expenditures. In addition to accommodation, food, books, equipment, and the cost of living, many other expenditures are associated with attending university. 

The annual tuition and expenses at the institution amount to around $14,200 for students. Moreover, students will be expected to pay an average of $10,314 for room and board and $5,805 for other fees. According to the information provided, the expected Herzing University tuition fee at HUB is around $30,318 annually.

There are four significant expenditures connected with obtaining an education: 

  1. Tuition fee
  2. Books and other fees
  3. Room and board
  4. Personal expenses

Scholarships at Herzing University

  1. Need-based scholarships consider a student’s financial circumstances. 
  2. Students get scholarships based on their academic or athletic performance.
  3. You may also be eligible for a scholarship depending on your engagement in community service, your specific interests or characteristics, your personal history, or the company or military connection of a parent.
  4. Some students earn sufficient scholarship funding to cover tuition and living costs. 

Financial Aid

Students at Herzing University have the support of the university staff in creating budgets. Several scholarship opportunities are available via Herzing, including the Henry G. Herzing Scholarship and the Herzing High School Merit Scholarship. In addition, Herzing provides institutional subsidies and a payment plan for tuition. Other sources of assistance may include government grants and loans, as well as workplace reimbursement schemes.

Campuses of Herzing University

There are nine on-ground Herzing University locations on campuses

  1. Madison
  2. Minneapolis 
  3. Toledo, Ohio 
  4. Wisconsin, Milwaukee 
  5. Akron 
  6. Atlanta 
  7. Birmingham 
  8. Milwaukee 
  9. Kenosha

Herzing University Campus Safety

The U.S. Education department relies on statistics on campus safety that were supplied by the university and not independently validated. Crime statistics represent allegations made to campus safety and local law enforcement but may not always reflect actual convictions. Experts recommend that prospective students do independent research to assess the safety of a school and its surrounding environment.

Herzing University Ranking

Here are worldwide Herzing University rankings:

  • 119-157 in Midwest Regional Universities
  • 659-694 in Nursing.
  • 154 in Top Performers on Social Mobility

Contact Information

  • Herzing University Address: 275 W Wisconsin Ave Ste. 210, Milwaukee, WI 53203, United States
  • Herzing University phone number: (800) 596-0724
  • Email: info@herzing.edu


Is Herzing expensive?

People usually ask, “how much is Herzing university tuition fee?”. It depends upon courses, mode of education, and campuses. Like on the Kenosha campus, the full-time tuition rate for 2020/21 at Herzing University costs $31,750 per year, independent of the student’s place of residence. This charge includes $13,320 for tuition, $11,232 for board and room, $0 for books and supplies, and $880 for other costs.

Does Herzing University require SAT?

You must give the ACT or SAT to enroll at Herzing University–in Atlanta.

What is Herzing University’s school code?

All Herzing students, regardless of which Campus they attend, should use the 009621 code for the Madison, WI site. 

How to get blackboard login information from Herzing university?

For Herzing University login, you need to follow these steps;

  1. Sign in to the student portal. 
  2. There is a required field, so, Enter a Username. 
  3. Enter Password. Your password must be case-correct.
  4. Leave out the “@herzing.edu” part of your Username. 


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