Top Master of Business and Technology Programs in America

As technology really alters the landscape of business at an unprecedented swiftness, the Management of Technology – Master of Business Administration program will assist you in staying ahead of the competition curve. Leverage the technical background for the best competitive advantages as you efficiently learn to tackle the difficulties presented by shorter product cycles, emerging technologies, and rapid innovation.

Master’s programs in this field are mainly focused on advanced and future rapid-growing fields. Moreover, the Business and Technology programs confirm that the current business leaders should be keenly familiar with innovations and technologies. They’ll provide the students with various incredible benefits towards getting fulfilling and thriving careers.

Why Should You Select Business & Technology?

Well, the Master in Business & Technology on the important aspects of advanced technology. Most programs contain the latest courses and also courses combining two perspectives in it, like the entrepreneurship course. Yes, they include all-inclusive factors of businesses internationally: from finance and economics to human resources to human resources and engineering. 

The Thunderbird School of Global Management & Yale University ranks 49 and 19 for Masters globally in various programs of International Business Management. The USA is actually the birthplace of this superb course. The main concept began in the American Institution of Foreign Trade in 1946, which is now called the “Thunderbird School of Management.” Most International Business Masters in USA degrees contain the accreditation by AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). 

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Top US Universities for Business & Management

We have mentioned some top-notch universities that offer master’s degree programs online. These programs are specifically designed to assist students in sharpening their Information Technology skills – so that they can handle databases and develop applications or networks.

1. University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is actually ranked 5th number globally for management and business. Its business school is also the oldest of its major kind in the US, which was established in 1881 via a donation mainly from Joseph Wharton industrially. It has almost 94,000 alumni to 5,000 students worldwide, involving the CEOs of high-standard companies like Apple and Google.

2. Yale University

This university climbed ten places to rank 16th in 2016 among the top business schools in the world. It was actually founded in 1976 & has more than 690 enrolled students. From the academic years 2017 to 2018, the School will provide a quite new 1-year study for the master of management in systemic risk, the very first of its kind all over the world.

3. University of Chicago

The University of Chicago, sharing 19th place among the top-notch business schools, was the very first US business school to provide an executive program for MBA. In 1943, it also started offering a Ph.D. in business. Seven of the faculty members of Booth are Nobel Laureates & the School has almost 49,000 alumni all over the world, which makes it a high-standard university.

4. Harvard University

This year, at first in the business & management ranking, Harvard University is ranked 3rd all over the world in the University QS World rankings of 2016 to 2017. This School was founded in 1908, which owns Harvard Publishing of business and also publishes the popular Harvard Business magazine. Moreover, it contains an enrolment of only 2,000 students in doctoral and MBA programs.

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This university tops the QS World University Rankings overall — comes 6th in business & management. Its Sloan Management School has a great enrolment of around 1,600 students & follows the motto of the university, “ens at manus,” or hand and mind, which mainly emphasizes the need to explore practical solutions to actual real-life issues.

6. New York University

Ranked joint nineteenth for business & management in the world, Stern School of Business in New York is one of the most prestigious and oldest business schools in the United States. Founded in 1900 as a Commerce School, Finance and Accounts, it alternated its name specially in honor of benefactor and alumnus Leonard N. Stern and is located on the Greenwich Village campus of the university in New York City.

7. Northwestern University

Northwestern University shares 22nd place globally for the subject of business and technology. It is among the top trusted and reliable universities in the US. Plus, its Kellogg Management School was built in 1908 under a distinct title, gaining its present name in honor of John L. Kellogg in 1979 (the son of the founder of the cereal company of Kellogg) for his incredible donation to the School.

8. University of California, Los Angeles 

Back in California, Los Angeles’ Anderson School of Management improved its high position this year, which climbed around 5 places to rank seventeenth for the whole business & management. And the School bases its principles and ethics on exploring and looking to share the success of the future, driving change, and thinking fearlessly. It was established in 1935 and now contains almost 37,000 alumni globally.

Career choices for Business & Technology graduates

Most students completing the programs in Business & Technology are qualified for many positions, like technology entrepreneurs, IT analysts, technology project leaders, venture capitalists, marketing managers, service firms’ consultants, and many other exciting jobs and roles. 

You can learn high-demand and all-inclusive skills that are important in every field through the programs. These outstanding programs also equip international students with deep practical skills as well as experimental knowledge, making them completely ready to lead in the fast-paced and modern marketplace.


Students can select this field as it is highly beneficial and focuses on one of the 5 areas, including information systems, international businesses, economics, marketing, and finance. Technology training is mainly strengthened via a separate concentration. This trains the students efficiently using a nice curriculum, outside the school, from science to humanities, engineering to many other fields.


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