Online Associate’s Degree in Social Work

If you would like to have an interest in social work then an associate’s degree in social work online is a great choice. Associate’s degree in social work for those who want to help others to spend happy lives. Although if anyone wants to get admission in a bachelor’s degree and is easy and comfortable into the program of social work with a degree of association, congratulations, this field is warmly welcoming to the newbies. The degree of association in social and human services and the degree of association in social work both are wonderful choices.

Generally, every student can get admission to this program, after completing the school diploma. GED holders can also apply for this program. Online associate degrees in social & human services will prepare the students to start their careers in this field. Lots of career paths are available related to your interest. The program includes working individually or in groups as well. You may even work with the entire community. Some of them work with the elderly and some concentrate on helping the children. 

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Entry-level positions earring in social & human services is not higher than other careers. Therefore, the pay rate is good for getting jobs that need a two-year degree program only. One more benefit of a two-year degree program; credits usually apply to completing the degree of bachelor. If a student is not capable of getting a degree of bachelor in social work then students might consider acquiring a two-year degree. Even if a student wants to do a job for a couple of years before completing her 4-year degree programme, the credit earned should apply. 

What Is the Process of Online Learning?

Most people do not want to go outside for learning, for such students the online learning system is best. Students may get their entire knowledge by staying at their home or anywhere in the world. Students can get assignments and tests through different online websites according to their fields. Moreover, you just need a computer with a connection to the internet, Sometimes students may need special software to attend online classes. This software is very easy to download. A student may also contact the professor and their classmates through e-mail, message board or chat rooms. Even if you are not required to complete any criteria in person, so you can anticipate having seen due dates for assignments and projects.

What can you accomplish with an associate degree in social work?

You can do social work with a degree of association. Graduates can get employment in the service of social role and other related fields, like the aid of case management, assistant of social service, home health, outreach worker of community and aid of personal care. Degree holders can also get a license as social workers. 


Pursuing a career in social work is a difficult thing but not impossible although it is rewarding. Your passion is your strength and students can do better things after getting a degree in a social work program. 

Institutes that provide Associate Degree in social work online 

1. Brescia University

Brescia University provides services of social work programs online. The primary focus is on intervention and crisis counselling theory, information systems and case management. Students will learn human services online comprehensively, and learn how to work in a group and individually. University gives the training to work with diverse racial communities, ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

2. Community College of Denver

The Community College of Denver’s in Human Services is a combined online and in-person associate degree. The program accouters candidates with the knowledge and skills to get a career in an entry-level at govt public assistance organization or community non-profit. The students of this program carry on the setting of the work such as food banks, living facilities of govt-sponsored, emergency programs and halfway houses. Moreover, lots of graduate students go to work as assistants in social work, human services, and casework. 

3. Columbia College

This college also provides an Associate Degree in social work online. And clinically focused on health services. A candidate may have a choice to make a selection from different varieties of focus areas and have addiction theories, psychotropic medication, medical technology, social psychology and human behavior. Additionally, the connections in human services will cover huge topics for example ethics, social justice, psychology and communication. Students find roles as behavioral health technicians, treatment coordinators and medical receptionists.  

4. Elizabethtown College

This is an online association that gives the opportunity to their students to learn social work online and get an associate degree in human services. Online social work programs pursue students to understand the underlying problems that influence both society and individuals as a whole. The 64-credit program provides a 10% of discount for alumni & available completely online. Moreover, graduates who complete the degree of association in human services program with skills and knowledge required to administer and manage services considering vulnerable populations.

5. Shorter University

Shorter University provides both community and individual skills and services. The program of an Associate degree in social work online gives skills and knowledge to their students to communicate with other people and pressure their successful careers in the field of human services. This program also provides the accelerated pace, record of long track and quality instructors professionally.

6. Western New Mexico University

Western New Mexico University is one of the best universities that provide the facility for an online associate degree in social work. This university grooms its students with the best skills and services online. It teaches candidates how to do research-based practice as well. Moreover, it combines technological advancement with professional human services. It connects online and is ideal for candidates to look for and pursue a wonderful career in the field of chemical dependency, social work, nursing, rehabilitation and criminal justice. 


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