Top U.S Universities Offering Social Studies Education Degree Online

Social studies education degree online builds a strong base of skills and knowledge across the pedagogy and social sciences to teach the students of 5th to 12th grade. You will usually engage with the faculty to learn history, psychology, geography, economics, sociology, and political science through a superb interdisciplinary program that offers a golden opportunity for learning experiences globally.

Future educators in this program will be efficiently prepared to serve high and middle school students. With the preparation of different emotional, social, and academic needs, you will learn to make a curriculum with engaging experiences. It’ll effectively interest all the university students.

Furthermore, field experiences take place three times throughout the program, mainly including a complete 16-week teaching student opportunity. You can grab it right right before the semester of their graduation starts. Every middle school student teaching should have one particular area of emphasis on academics. You will probably be able to meet all the requirements for such an emphasis area.

Requirements for Social Studies Education Degree 

Students complete their studies in the local school during their school years. They are placed for a whole school year under the exceptional supervision of a qualified mentor. Approximately the students spend 10 hours working with that mentor. And then, students in the program study full-time in the spring at their school sites. As a result, they culminate in a take-over of the responsibilities of a teacher for two weeks.

Students analyze, practice, and observe teaching skills efficiently in various subject fields and grade levels. Placements take place in a range of districts around the universities. These observations offer specific and direct feedback for huge improvement. And it assures that all the students are on the right track to graduate the program successfully.

Top U.S Universities Offering Social Studies Education Degree Online

1. University of the Cumberlands

The University of Cumberlands was founded in 1888 in Williamsburg and had an enrollment of around 6,3000 in total. Affiliated with the Kentucky Convention, the school places a great emphasis on different services. Each student should complete a minimum of 40 hours of service for graduation. Moreover, the student-to-faculty ratio of the school is 16:1. It highly supports a collaborative and dynamic learning environment, & almost 70% of classes contain less than 25 students. You can also benefit from financial aid and many other facilities.

2. University of Missouri

Founded in 1839, The University of Missouri was the very first public university west of the river of Mississippi. Classified as the R1 By the foundation of Carnegie, Mizzou is regarded as the top public school and is an important member of the American Universities Association. The student body generally stands at around 36,000, with more than 300,000 graduates on a global level. You can also enjoy the super offers that their online program offers. It includes 90 graduate and undergraduate degrees. Plus, more than 15,000 students also take online courses every year.

3. Baker College

Baker College was founded in 1911 and had 13 campuses across Michigan and one in Pennsylvania, Reading. Offering online bachelor’s degrees, associate certificates, and maximum flexibility, it includes 24/7 access to all-over course material. This accommodates working experts as well as adult learners. If you want to attend courses occasionally, you can trust this college blindly as it offers lots of hybrid opportunities. And all the students can also complete their three weeks orientations online to prepare them immediately for distance learning. Most importantly, Baker is widely accredited by the most trusted Higher Learning Commission. Doesn’t it sound good?

4. New York University

This university was founded in 1831 and had an enrollment of around 50,000 in total, split between graduate and undergraduate students. Undoubtedly, it has a great reputation among the best universities in the U.S. NYU has been ranked by Forbes, which is accepted as a high-end institute by the Academic Ranking of the Universities. According to a Princeton Review, it ranked even 1st among the Dream Schools of America for 4 straight years. The student-to-faculty ratio of 10:1 supports an intimate, collaborative learning environment, despite the size of the school. More than 60% of classes generally consist of less than 20 students. Opportunities for financial aid are also available. Over half of their students also received some financial aid in years 2015 to 2016. Also, the need met was around 62% on average.

5. Western Governors University

This is a non-profit, private university that is based in the city of Salt Lake. It was founded in 1995 by around 19 state governors, along with the aim of a self-paced, flexible education degree. WGU distinguishes its superb offerings via competency-based credits, particularly those that award students and their work experience. It also accelerates lower costs and degree completion time and lessens redundant coursework. It has been highly recognized for its innovative and unique work by TIME Magazine. Moreover, it’s the top producer of science and math teachers in the country and has also won the 21st-century award amazingly for outstanding practices. Yes, you heard that absolutely right!

How Much Does Social Studies Education Degree Cost?

Many social studies online programs are working hard to offer quality education and the best facilities at a highly reasonable cost for students. The tuition fee for the evening and online graduate and undergraduate programs depends on the number of credit hours. They do this according to the curriculum and each module. 


Plus, you can also review the recent credit hour fees and tuition rates of different universities online. Ensure that you get the entire picture before opting for a final program. Complete the FAFSA first so that you can observe what aid you’re actually eligible to receive & then complete the application.


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