Affordable Deaf & Hard of Hearing (Special Education)

The deaf and hard of hearing masters programs online are dedicated to developing teachers who are really knowledgeable and skilled at meeting the academic, social, emotional, and communication needs of students who are hard of hearing or deaf. You’ll develop the major skills to work with school professionals, community agencies, and families collaboratively.

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The Masters in Special Education typically builds upon the main competencies developed in Induction Education Credential and Preliminary Education Specialist programs. Plus, this degree is specially designed to prepare all the graduates for positions of advocacy, scholarships, and leadership in schools and within the profession of education. Faculty members, towards this end, facilitate the establishment of student competencies & written avenues of expression.

Requirements for Admission to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Masters Programs Online (Conditionally Classified Status)

There are some specific requirements for admission to the deaf and hard of hearing programs. These are given below:

  • Standing at the university attended the last time.
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Admission to the Education Credential Specialist program.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.5 in the last completed 60-semester units.
  • Successful completion of Education Preliminary Specialist Credential.
  • Approval of the study plan by the advisor of the student.
  • A GPA of 3.0 for all work taken as the classified student.

Additional Requirements

  • No more than 12 credit units may be applied to the degree of the Masters of Arts program unless the classified status is acquired.
  • A minimum of 30 units involving the comprehensive graduate project/thesis examination is needed for the Master of Arts degree completion.
  • Students in the M.A. program of DHH should demonstrate proficiency and expertise in the American language by passing the ASLPI at the needed level.
  • Courses that are more than seven years won’t be involved in the total of around 30 units needed for the M.A. degree.
Degree of Hearing Loss Hearing Threshold Description
Normal Hearing
(<20dB HL)
Whispering No difficulty hearing.
Mild Hearing Loss
(20-40dB HL)
Normal Conversation Minimal difficulty deciphering soft speech.
Moderate Hearing Loss
(40-69dB HL)
Vacuum Difficult to hear normal
to loud speech
Severe Hearing Loss
(70-95dB HL)
Airplane Jet Engine Difficult to hear
loud speech.
Profound Hearing Loss
(>95dB HL)
Little to No Audible Sounds Nearly total loss
of hearing.

Universities Offering Deaf and Hard of Hearing Masters Programs

1. The University of Manchester 

The University of Manchester works mainly in the faculty of health, medicine, and biology. Their course is basically aimed at practicing all audiologists. Yes, audiologists who really want to prepare themselves for the latest roles in clinical practice, research, and clinical management can choose this. For them, this course can be highly beneficial in all areas of their field. MSc Advanced Audiology Studies is their major concern.

2. Rochester Institute of Technology 

The Rochester Institute of Technology offers an M.S. degree in secondary education for students who are hard of hearing or deaf. Plus, it is specially designed for hearing and deaf people with a great passion for teaching. All in all, the programs that this institute offers are among the top-notch Master’s programs in the USA.

3. University of Birmingham  

Their programs are considered the biggest distance learning ones in the USA. This university has a goal to equip teachers who are qualified to teach all the learners already in England. To help skilled teachers achieve the high standards of deaf teaching, their program offers the MEd degree. After completing this degree, you can become a teacher of Children with Deaf or Hearing Impairment.

4. University of Groningen  

The University of Groningen concentrates more on the Social and Behavioral Sciences for hard-of-hearing and deaf students. Many of the major issues involved in professional and social discussions on education and youth need an interdisciplinary approach. So, how and why does this specific approach actually work? Well, youth care and upbringing in education are important things to consider in any education system.

5. Fielding Graduate University 

Well, the successful completion of their MSc/PGDip Deaf Education course is amazing. It will offer you the qualification that is required to work efficiently as the Teacher of Hard of hearing students. The route of MSc will support the research skills development that you can apply in this field in the future. All these things make the programs of the Fielding Graduate University ideal to consider. Their programs have the main concentration on the Faculty of Health, Medicine, and Biology.

6. University College London  

The specialization of deaf studies and sign language is quite unique among other Master’s degrees in offering a thorough introduction to the linguistics, psychology, and neuroscience of deafness. You can earn the MSc degree in Sign Language & Deaf Studies through the University College London. It will help you have a stronger grip on teaching such disabled students after joining this program. 

7. York St John University  

Studying applied linguistics & explore the contribution to social justice is its main concern. You can easily examine the approaches and theories in language analysis. Later, you can apply this extensive knowledge to social justice contexts in many areas. It is basically a school of education in psychology and sign language. You can earn an M.A. in Language & Social Justice degree from this top-notch university.

8. Columbia International University 

By selecting to study the high-end course offered by this university, you’ll have a great chance to contribute to the well-being of communities. Yes, you can do this by engaging the groups of this university with different collaborative activities. This offers an M.A. degree in Language and Social Justice. You can blindly trust this institute when it comes to choosing the best option for deaf online programs.

9. University of Leeds  

The University of Leeds has a great name when it comes to providing the most reliable and quality deaf education programs. Their Diploma gives a flexible and great opportunity for development in the deaf education area professionally. Less intensive compared to the general Master’s route, this course permits you to qualify as a deaf students’ skilled teacher. Yes, you don’t even need the dissertation for this at all.



Can you claim benefits if you are hard of hearing?


Yes, as long as you can provide documentation from a licensed health care professional that confirms your disability.




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