Nursing School in Tampa

The best nursing schools in Tampa provide a highly affordable path for many nurses in that region to earn a higher degree. This helps them advance their careers to a great extent. Plus, the job market for most Tampa nurses is always modifying. New and different opportunities for nurses are available, particularly for those who have considerable experience in the field. Nurses who have just begun their careers can also explore many positions out there. These can include jobs in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and doctors’ offices. Also, the high demand for nurses is also making it really possible for them to select from various career options.

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The thrilling journey of becoming an Rzn (Registered Nurse) is rewarding and rigorous. The aspiring RNs of Tampa can select one or two pathways. One is a BSN (Bachelor’s of science in nursing) and ADN (Associate degree in nursing). Candidates need to pass the NCLEX-RN licensure examination right before practicing. And newly minted RNs should look forward to superb careers with employers like Baycare Health and MetLife. The RNs of Tampa Bay earn a decent median income of around $61,220.

Best Incredible Best nursing school in Tampa 

1. University of South Florida

This university focuses on local outreach primarily which has a very positive impact across the world. And this school also concentrates not just on education but on excellence in research and clinical care as well. Though they concentrate on the local community, students will also be prepared to address healthcare needs. With the wide range of collaborations with lots of healthcare facilities, students can have the best opportunities. The USF Health Simulation is accredited by the Society in Healthcare. It is one of the universities across this state, especially to boast accreditation. This university is accredited in all the areas of simulations, like assessment, research, teaching, and more. It makes it a very prestigious nursing program.

2. Petersburg College

Petersburg College became the first two-year program college in 1927. Today, this institute is especially recognized as the very first college in this state to provide a bachelor’s degree. Over 180 study programs are easily available to around 53,000 students. Moreover, the college of nursing provides two main pathways to science degree associates. At the SPC nursing center, the Simulation Center for Specialty in Nursing Education is there. Housed in the Health Education Center of the college, this institute features a replica of the hospital care unit & emergency room. SCENE also offers the closes possible thing to the nursing world’s experience. The graduates of this college are a large number. Almost 250 to 300 students earn their graduate nursing degree from this association every year. With an incredible 89% NCLEX pass, you can surely believe the value of their program.

3. South University 

If your ultimate goal is compassionate healthcare, then South University – Tempa is ideal for you in all aspects. Yes, they tak3 a decent approach to teaching extensive healthcare by offering you great knowledge, clinical experience, and skills. Their program does more than only train you to work being a nurse. Also, it builds upon the natural compassion perfectly to make you an expert healthcare nurse. Moreover, this university partner with many local faculties of healthcare. This allows you to avail yourself the opportunity to gain superb clinical experience that best shots all your requirements. Aside from endless campus locations, you also have the choice to complete the degree online. Furthermore, you’ll find different graduate and undergraduate degrees that can assist you in achieving your goals ideally at this institute.

4. Rasmussen College 

You can select from a huge variety of programs at Rasmussen College as their programs are specially designed to assist you in preparing you for your nursing career. Rasmussen College is one of the top-notch nursing schools that provide diplomas and master’s degrees. Moreover, it offers around four start dates with no waiting list every year, and the institute has been named the best educator of ADN. It makes this program easily accessible to students who have a restricted amount of time in order to complete their nursing education. Therefore, they offer hybrid degrees, allowing you to fast-track your progress & enter the world of nursing more quickly. Plus, you can select any study area you want. Then later, you can also participate in their special bridge program. It will help you attain your complete potential.

5. Galen College of Nursing

This university provides a lot of pathways in its ADN, BSN, and LPN. The LPN program may be completed in just 12 months via full-time programs. You can also complete it part-time in around 21 months. Galen College graduates 30 to 50 LPN students from the Tempa Bay campus annually, and this particular pathway has a program of 24 months, while the pathway of LPN to ADN takes only 15 to 18 months for completion. It also graduates more than 400 ADN students every year. And these students have attained 87% passes of NCLEX-RN over the past decade. Galen provides both a 3-year prelicensure program of BSN and a complete BSN program online. You can easily trust this university without any worries if you want to earn a nursing degree with great facilities.


Selecting the right school in Tampa for nursing includes knowing what you exactly want. Plus, it also involves finding the one that can offer you all the essential resources you’ll require to reach your nursing goals. To advance your career, education is always a necessary investment. A quality school will provide you with the best return rate on the investment. Plus, it will also offer you the support and confidence you need to become successful in the world of nursing.


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