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The very first step to becoming a nurse is getting quality and extensive education in the field. And the Best Nursing School In Georgia where you actually earn the degree will have a major impact on your nursing career. Well, Georgia does not have any agency in place for analyzing and aggregating nursing workforce data. It makes it tough to determine either the future or current demand for nurses in this place with great accuracy of degree.

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Moreover, the anecdotal data also suggests that this State might be looking at a considerable nursing shortage soon, as Atlanta is the fastest growing areas of metropolitan in the U.S. The fastest-growing group of age in the state are generally the people between 64 and 45 age. Graduates of nursing schools also find it convenient to find a good job. All nurse practitioners can expect to find themselves in high demand after getting a degree from Georgia.

There are plenty of opportunities to study in the best nursing school in Georgia with endless facilities and a quality education system. And cracking all of them can be a hard task anyway. So, we are here with a list of the schools that have a standard education system for nursing programs. Without any further ado, let’s get started;

Best Nursing School in Georgia With Great Expertise

1. Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw State University offers a great two-year nursing degree at a reasonable cost. This trains the nurses efficiently to work in a lot of rural healthcare settings. Their program is undeniably among the biggest nursing programs in the north. The School is established in the 200,000 sq. foot, four-story, Prillaman Science Building. Moreover, the building features seminar rooms, an auditorium, classrooms, computer labs, and more! Once you successfully master nursing skills, you can participate in many clinical rotations, too. You can do it at Tanner Medical Center, Fulton County Department, Wellness, Healthcare, and many other areas efficiently. All in all, this program covers every important thing about nursing.

2. Georgia State University

Located in Atlanta, it is barely surprising that Georgia State University focuses on preparing all nurses to meet the challenges of health. For the multicultural population, their program works efficiently and covers everything about it. This School has around 500 students that represent a cross-section of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Also, students are introduced to specific skills when they practice on models of humans in high-tech laboratories. This school is really active in clinical partnerships such as Project Healthy Grandparents and Health and Wellness Collaboration.

3. Emory University

With the low student/teacher ratio & access to lots of resources, it ranks consistently among the best universities in Atlanta. Emory University is also a leading and top-notch place for nursing research. The school was also awarded around $7.7 million in grants in 2017 from the National Institutes of Health. All the students also attain clinical skills at two simulation centers. These include the Peggy Evans Center, which is designed to meet all the needs of nursing students, and the Wesley Woods Simulation which offers a great learning experience for students.

4. University of West Georgia

In 2018, the University of West Georgia was chosen as the top regional institution in the nation that offers the best skills and learning. Also, the Tanner Health System School also reflects that expertise. This institute prepares future nurses to meet th3 community’s evolving and current health needs. This school is in partnership with the top Tanner Health System. So, it combines offers a decent preceptorship program to the students in a variety of settings as an essential part of their clinical experience. In addition, the students benefit from over 150 healthcare agencies and providers in the Peach state’s western part.

5. Georgia Southern University

Well, Georgia Southern University concentrates on educating the nurses to best meet the health needs of multicultural rural populations. Clinical and classroom experiences mainly emphasize high prevention skills that are specially designed for injuries and chronic illnesses. As a student, you’ll learn to establish the communication, decision-making, and assessment skills that are important. Clinical rotations mostly take place at different community sites. These include private practice offices, hospital agencies, outpatient clinics, and more. Students have a great opportunity to participate in the serving and two-week nursing module in an incredible way.

How to Become Eligible for a License of Georgia Nursing

Once the nurses have successfully graduated from the in-state programs of nursing, they can meet the eligibility and then need to follow the below steps:

  • Register to efficiently take the NCLEX-RN along with VUE
  • Have the fingerprints taken by the systems of COGENT
  • Pass their NCLEX-RN
  • Undergo the process of criminal background check
  • Complete the application form by mail or electronically

Applicants who graduated from the nursing programs need to apply through a paper application instead of doing it online. Plus, they should submit their official transcripts, too.

With the exception of the NCLEX, practicing nurses in other states who are moving to Georgia must do all of the above in addition to sending $60, official transcripts, and verification of previous state licensures. They must also show proof of either recent employment, recent graduation, or completion of a reentry program.


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