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Education is becoming highly specific with an ever-rising demand for specialized degrees in every sector. Some fields like accounting require special degrees which can be understood but now there is a trend of specialized degrees in every other field. Take, for instance, education. It’s not enough that you have a degree in your concerned field, what you require is a specialized degree that specifies that you are a learned educator. The whole development is not wrong in any way. Instead, it has increased the criteria with the ultimate result of more specialized learning and rising standards of education. Fortunately, one interesting development for learners is the facility of online education provided by numerous universities around the globe.

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The same specialized degree phenomenon goes for early childhood education. Now, there is a huge demand for teachers who have a degree in early education. If you want to make a career in this field, you must have a degree though some institutions suffice training for teaching preschool children, it’s better to have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in the field. In this way, the chances of you making a career here broadens.

Early Childhood Education Degrees

Whether you are looking to start a career in an early childhood education as a teacher or you have plans to start your institution, you must have a bachelor’s degree. It would be even better if you could accomplish a master’s degree. Almost all good institutions around the country and world offer courses in early childhood education. Various degrees are offered in the field too and you have to select the one that best suits your conditions. The type of job you are aspiring for will determine your degree selection. Broadly, we can divide them into three types with many certificates and diplomas for training and experience gaining courses on the side.

  • Associate Degree, usually takes 2 years.
  • Bachelor’s Degree takes 4 years.
  • Graduate Degree, 4 years.
  • Doctoral Degrees take 2-6 years.

In addition to traditional education through physical classes, you can also opt for online courses. They are very beneficial since they remove any hindrances of distances. Moreover, you can also apply for teacher training certificates if you have a degree in any subject area. This will also qualify you to apply for a teaching position.

Early Childhood Education Degree Online California

The world is going rapidly into the online fold. With numerous benefits including removal of distance and comparably lesser fees, online education is fast gaining ground in the education sector. If we talk about California, the state has many high-ranking institutions to offer. These institutions offer degrees in almost every field of education, early childhood education among them. Not just on the West Coast, California offers the best online learning opportunities in the whole western half of the United States.

The education sector is rapidly expanding and moving online allows getting many more in the fold. To meet your criteria in an early childhood education career, you need a degree in the respective field and California has numerous opportunities to offer.

If you are aspiring for an early childhood education degree in California, you must have a high school diploma or general education development GED. You will be preferred if your diploma displays an emphasis on education. Only after meeting the criteria, can you be eligible to get admitted to a 4-year university program. For those seeking an affordable early childhood education degree online, this is the best option they can have.

For aspirants of an online Master’s degree in early childhood education, a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college is required. As you are qualifying for a master’s degree, having a major in education in your bachelor’s can be helpful. The same goes for Doctoral Degrees, they require a master’s degree in the concerned field.

Though the fees vary, with a little homework you can find some options for affordable early childhood education degrees online in California.

How Much do the Educators Make?

If you are on the verge of deciding your career and are already interested in choosing early childhood education or related education as your career, you must be wondering what the field has to offer in monetary terms. The field is highly respectable and has a good scope.

Initial level early childhood educator or preschool teacher makes upwards of $30000 a year. The pay may vary somewhat in different states but you get a general idea. An elementary school teacher’s pay is quite handsome and is around $60000. The figure is also true for public school teachers. A school psychologist makes some more, upwards of $70000.

With the estimates provided above, it is quite clear that the career is worthy of striving for with much scope for going upwards.

Institutions Providing Online Early Education Degree in California

Many institutions are providing early education degrees in California ranging from community institutes to high-ranking universities. Associates in early childhood development, bachelor’s in early childhood education, or similar master’s and doctoral programs can be targeted by getting admission to any of them. Some of them are,

These are just some of the top-ranking ones. You can also find many community institutes and private universities. The above-mentioned institutes are selected because they offer fully online education degrees in early childhood education. Whichever institution you choose, always take the academic prestige score of the institution into account.

How much does an Online Early Education Degree Cost in California?

The costs of online early education degrees vary. The ranking and prestige of the institution determine the overall costs of the program. If you are looking for an early childhood education degree online in California, you will find them ranging from $5000 to $30000 annually for an associate degree. For a bachelor’s degree, the estimate is roughly the same. However, for a master’s degree, the annual cost lies somewhere between $10000 and $35000 annually. These are only rough estimates of early childhood education degree online costs in California. For more accurate figures, visit the concerned institute. Moreover, do your homework before finalizing any university.


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