Best Psychology Online School Programs In 2022

Online bachelor’s in phycology is really famous among the top undergraduate degrees, which prepares graduates efficiently to pursue different careers. Students must earn a psychology’s master degree or decorate degree in psychology in order to become a psychologist or therapist. However, psychology graduates’ bachelor’s degrees can also enter highly competitive fields like business and management.


The best online psychology master’s schools are accredited ones, providing accredited Psychology programs online. Some of the most trustworthy institutions to apply in order to have specific campuses in Washington, Virginia, and Florida. Students can apply to such reputable Psychology schools online, no matter wherever they live.

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Is a bachelor’s in psychology actually worth it?

Absolutely yes!! The online bachelor’s in psychology may suit students who excel in sciences and arts subjects, want to assist others, and have a great interest in how the mind of humans works. Plus, this degree can actually people wait to enter their particular workplace, and it provides a super good starting point to pursue the latest degree in the field.


A lot of classes in the psychology curriculum cover the behavior of humans in different settings and procedures, making this degree highly useful to a lot of industries. And many graduates can work in sales, education, healthcare, statistics, and business. Also, they can work in social services, law enforcement, and other major fields requiring human cognition expertise.

Are psychology masters in high demand?

Well, yes! The BLS projects that the jobs in psychology will grow about 8% between 2020 to 2030. However, these projections largely vary by different occupations. Deman for a lot of experts in psychology might rise because of the need of people for mental health & assistance with behavioral and cognitive challenges.


In addition, the increase in schools seeing enrollment may need even more experts who can assist many families and children address academic and developmental challenges. Social services and hospital agencies may also notice a boosting demand for these psychology professionals. 

Top 5 Online Universities for Psychology Program In the USA 

1. University of Florida

Well, all Psychology degree is not cut from a similar cloth. And some of them are even better than others, which is why those people who earn them ultimately enjoy a better market value right after graduation. So, if you’re on the hunt for an online high-ranking Psychology degree, the University of Florida can be the best choice for you as it’s the #2 in Programs for Bachelor in Psychology by US News.


Also, its online degree shares a great spot with the same Psychology degree coming from online schools. So, the total cost for Florida residents per credit hour who want to take a Psychology degree online from the public institute is almost $129.18. The amount can also climb up to around $552.62 for most out-of-state students.

2. Arizona State University

Well, there are hundreds of certificates and degrees available online from Arizona University. The choices are mainly from the assortment of disciplines or fields, ranging from business and digital media to engineering. One of the most offerings of the Tempe region, Arizona State Institution, is a degree of BS in Psychology.


And the tuition for the residents of Arizona taking online BS in Psychology costs amounts to around $5,355. It brings the main cost of attendance of students for one year to almost $11,778. At the online institution, the out-of-state tuition costs around $6,492. Therefore, if you are not a resident of Arizona, you’ll have to pay an average of $14,052 every academic year.

3. Washington State University

Washington State University has a great name for providing the best programs for students all over the world. In fact, the public institution listed Washington in #8 ranking in the Bachelors in Programs of Psychology, especially by US news.


Being a big public institution, the expected cost of earning the online Psychology program from Washington state is so much cheaper overall for in-state students. And the estimated fees for Washington residents cost around $12,170. Well, this amount is even more than double if the student is from out of state.

4. Old Dominion University

Another high-end and top-rated school, The Old Dominion University, was originally established as the main Norfolk Division of the Mary & William College and is one of the biggest institutions in Virginia. As of the 2020 – 2021 academic years, its campus is home to around 24,286 graduate and undergraduate students in total.


Whether you’re fresh from school or a college student already, you can outstandingly give the online degree in Psychology from Old Dominion University a go. Completing this superb program will even be more convenient with most classes not having a strict scheduled time of meetings.

5. Liberty University

Last but not least, Liberty University is the best among all, and opting for the Psychology programs that this university offers is a great and wise move. Yes, you heard that right! That’s only because this program is of high quality and 100% online from scratch to finish. And if you want to fo online in a religious manner, you’ll have to pay around $390 for every credit.


Anyhow, it does not mean that Liberty University is not good to consider. In fact, it’s #5 among the Best Online America Colleges by Niche, which is the most famous and reputable college ranker.


If you’re an empathetic listener and really enjoy making a clear difference in the lives of people, you may be best suited for a bachelor’s degree in psychology. 


According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) in the US, the annual median wage for a psychology degree ranges from $79,820 – $105,780.


After completing the degree, how much money students can make mostly depends on factors like work experience, location, and type of earned degree. These days, the Psychology degree is also available online.



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