Top 10 Italy Scholarships to progress your career Higher for more opportunities 

It would lead you to glory if you were to study abroad under Italian scholarships. This program will enable you to learn and gain hands-on experience with the latest tools, techniques, and approaches used in the contemporary era to excel in your career. You will always be able to get the support you need from the staff and mentors throughout your stay in Italy. Your ability to stay abreast of global challenges and develop creative solutions will increase.

Italy University Scholarships

As a result of the current global economic downturn, international study opportunities in Europe wouldn’t have been as accessible without the funded international scholarships. These European scholarships will allow students to explore Italy’s culture, traditions, norms, and people. Therefore, students around the world have the opportunity to take advantage of this free-of-charge world-class opportunity. You will be available to work with a diversified team of individuals with different backgrounds, cultures, and mindsets.

Program for International Excellence Scholarships at Padova

A Padua International Excellence Scholarship is available for both Bachelor’s and Master’s studies. The scholarship will cover tuition, accommodation, and a living allowance of euro 8,000. Despite their excellent academic record, they had found it difficult to achieve their dream of higher education due to their financial circumstances. This scholarship is specifically designed for those international students who have excelled academically throughout their academic lives. Do not hesitate to apply for this scholarship once you check its eligibility requirements. The superior education provided by the leading university in Italy in a wide range of multidisciplinary courses deserves a valuable place in your profile. Padua also connects to Italian and international hubs via air, rail, and road.

Link: Funding and Fees | Università di Padova

Scholarship in Italy awarded by EDISU Piemonte

The Italian government has just announced an excellent opportunity for you. Students from outside of Europe may study at select Italian educational institutes in Piemonte, such as the University of Torino, the Politecnico of Torino, or the University of Eastern Piedmont. The ranking is based on the competitive order to select the top prime students for degree courses ranging from Bachelor’s to Masters’s to Ph.D. The majority of students preferred are hardworking and academically accomplished. In addition, students who do not live in Italy can also take advantage of the accommodation facility. You can pick the area of interest among the various disciplines and mark your career ladder with ultimate grace.

Link: Scholarship | EDISU

Award Program for Merit and International Achievement at Bocconi

Are you interested in studying in Europe? The University of Bocconi, a popular name in Italy, has announced a merit and award program for international students. It is encouraged that highly diligent individuals take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. The Bocconi community is committed to promoting equity and inclusion through these avenues.  It is a dynamic, open, and enriched experience due to the diversity of ideas that are represented by the staff, alumni, and faculty of the University. In addition to its dynamic culture, Bocconi strives to ensure coherence and transparency in its teaching, research, and policies.

Link: Bocconi University 

Universita Cattolica International Scholarship Program

You have been invited to apply for the prestigious scholarship program of some of the country’s most prestigious schools. Students from Europe and abroad are eligible to apply for this scholarship. It has made the program more accessible by granting a 25% discount waiver on its total cost. Once you are admitted there, you will be able to pay your fee in installments to secure your position. The institute has excellent academic excellence, a reputation for excellence, and a robust global network. The institute offers economic, business, accounting, and finance programs as well as linguistics, psychology, agriculture, and the arts. Based on the realities of today’s world, the institute has taken advantage of several opportunities.

Link: Tuition fees and scholarships | Cattolica International 

International Scholarships at the University of Pavia

The University of Pavia Scholarships have been sent to encourage you to enroll in one of its academic programs. Italian nationals and international citizens alike can apply. The university offers several degree programs, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral. You can develop your personality and professional skills in various ways through the integrated and innovative curriculum. Italian government’s University of Pavia is considered a hub of scholarly excellence worldwide due to its quality-oriented education. Applying for one or more of the many fully-funded or partially-funded scholarships available may help lessen your financial burden.

Link: Financial Support – Università degli Studi di Pavia

Doctoral Scholarship Program at the School of Normal and Superior Education

Scholars from all over the world are eligible to apply for Scuola Normale Superiore scholarships. Accommodation, meal, stipends, and additional allowances will be provided to students in addition to their monthly stipend. Anyone who has excellent academic scores and an interview can apply for this scholarship regardless of their citizenship. Scholarships are available in the fields of general sciences, political sciences, social sciences, and humanities through this scholarship program. People who have been given the privilege of being introduced to advanced research techniques, tools, methods, and approaches are those who are considered privileged. The high quality of education and research at the University makes it internationally recognized at an international level.

Link: Ph.D. admission competition | Scuola Normale Superiore 

International Scholarships at the University of Bologna

An incredible opportunity awaits brilliant minds worldwide at the University of Bologna in Italy. The Italian Government welcomes you to prove your worth if you are interested in studying at European international universities. Any citizen can apply now, regardless of citizenship. Multiple benefits are available to international students through this excellent opportunity. Your tuition fees will be waived for the duration of your program, along with a $ 13,000 allowance. Exceptionally outstanding students may also qualify for additional benefits that help alleviate the financial burden, allowing you to concentrate more on their studies.  Master’s degrees typically last 1 to 2 years, and Bachelor’s degrees are four years. Bachelor’s degrees run from one to 63, and Master’s degrees range from one to 79 courses.

Link: Unibo Action 1&2: study grants and tuition fee waivers for international students – a.y. 2022/23 — University of Bologna

Students from abroad can apply for Italian government scholarships

Students from abroad who want to study at master’s or doctoral levels in Italy universities can avail themselves of the Italian Government scholarships. Numerous fields are available to energetic young minds, from the arts to dance and music. Furthermore, they can also enroll in Italian language courses. There is a minimum three-month period for these scholarships and a maximum nine-month period. Students are also given a monthly stipend to cover their expenses and be exempt from tuition fees. International cooperation, economic development, and technological advancement are some of the goals of these scholarships.


Merit-based scholarships at Politecnico di Milano

Politecnico Di Milano offers merit scholarships like silver, gold, and platinum. These master’s scholarships are awarded to brilliant students. During the program, you won’t be charged tuition. The gold and platinum scholarships will award students an additional Euro 5,000 to Euro 10,000 each year. This university also trains industrial designers, architects, and engineers. Transfer of technology, excellent research, and results-driven outcomes are among the advantages of university-business partnerships. By doing so, societies form productively.

Link: Tuition fees, scholarships, and financial aid: polimi 

Scholarships for international students at the Politecnico di Torino

A variety of scholarships are available to international students at the Politecnico di Torino. Applicants to each scholarship program must meet different criteria and benefit from various programs. The university offers engineering and Architecture students financial support. A leading and oldest university in Italy, Politecnico di Tornio was founded in 1888. The northernmost city of Italy was founded in 1859.

Link: Politecnico International Scholarships 


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