Online Elementary Education Degree Programs

People with the online elementary education degree can work as elementary school and kindergarten teachers. These experts assist young and enthusiastic learners with foundational skills, such as mathematics, writing, and reading. Sounds amazing, right?

Elementary education degrees and certifications are important for anyone who wants to be a teacher. The process of becoming certified is different in each state, but usually includes completing an approved teacher preparation program and passing a certification exam. Once you have your teaching certificate, you can start your career as an elementary school teacher.

Earning an elementary education bachelor’s degree is basically a minimum requirement for becoming a skilled teacher. Moreover, it generally qualifies all the students for the particular state-issued licensure of teaching. This license is needed to teach in reliable public schools.

The elementary education programs mainly include assessments and coursework and preclinical experience. While you will complete your online coursework, you will also get a pleasing in-classroom experience. You can also relish a Demonstration component of teaching hosted by a skilled teacher & directed by a supervisor.

Choosing an accredited online elementary education degree program

Well, accreditation status is an essential consideration for special prospective students. Plus, the universities and colleges in the U.S. also receive such accreditation largely from top-notch agencies. These agencies are recognized by the Department of Education of the U.S. The accreditation procedure includes a very extensive review of the student services and educational programs of the school.

The accreditation of the school impacts student eligibility and the course credit transferability for special federal financial aid. Therefore, all the students should make sure that the program that is being offered by a school has earned regional or national accreditation.

The Most Trustworthy Colleges for Online Elementary Education Programs

1. Arizona Christian University

A non-profit, private institute, Arizona Christian University teaches from the perspective of Christians and expects all its students to follow specific tenets of faith. Their students can earn an online elementary education degree. Courses explore various topics. These are children’s literature, teaching methods, educational psychology, and human development for teaching the learners of the English language. Also, students need to complete around 120 credit hours to graduate & ultimately maintain a 3.0 CGPA in all main courses. All the applicants should submit transcripts & sign a faith statement.

2. Midway University

Midway University is a private institute that boasts an efficient working horse farm on a campus of 200 acres. It provides a bachelor of arts degree in elementary education programs. Some sample courses involve mathematics for teachers, foundations of literacy, multicultural education, and technology in education. Their students need to complete almost 120 credits for graduation. You also need to apply to Midway first and then apply to the program, which needs transcripts, two recommendation letters, a background check, and other important documents.

3. LeTourneau University

This university provides the opportunity for students to earn a B.S. degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a great concentration in early childhood. The course includes Classroom Management, Foundations in American Culture and education, as well as Child Development. This platform also offers extensive courses that you can take in the accelerated format. This is quite a convenient choice if you want to earn an online elementary education bachelor’s degree with endless facilities and exceptional quality.

4. Bemidji State University

BSU was founded in 1919 and had around 5,000 annual students. It offers a hybrid or online bachelor’s in an elementary education degree program that incredibly leads to the teaching license, especially for the grades K-6. Also, students can earn exceptional teaching endorsements for grades 5 to 8. Moreover, their program generally lasts six semesters. You need to submit transcripts that have proof of completion of the arts degree with the least cumulative GPA of around 2.5, four essays, and one recommendation letter.

5. Ottawa University

O.U. university teaches over 4,000 students across its campuses in different states. It was established in 1865 and made a great reputation instantly. Plus, it offers a bachelor of arts degree in elementary education. Their courses generally include educational psychology, exceptional children, iterating the fine arts, and social studies methods of elementary language. And the students also need to complete 45 – 47 core credits & 12 student teaching hours to graduate. You also need transcripts.

6. University of South Carolina

Last but not least, the University of South Carolina offers a B.A. in online elementary education degree that can be efficiently completed within the timeline. Their program has been incredibly recognized among the best colleges among the top-notch entry-level programs all over the country. The candidates are needed to complete their particular 130 to 126 credit units, which can be easily completed in a maximum of three years. The coursework includes Classroom Assessments, Understanding Exceptional Children, Elementary Classroom Management, and Diversity in Learning.

How Much Does a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education Online Cost?

The elementary education online degree cost typically depends on a lot of factors. Also, state residency is a necessary consideration, as many universities and colleges charge a comparatively high tuition fee for most out-of-state students. Anyhow, some schools also charge flat tuition fees for students that are studying online.


In degree programs, technology fees are another fundamental factor. Yes, these fees frequently apply to students but not usually to their counterparts. And the costs for an online degree in elementary education as credit hours range from around $200 – $760. But students should be ready to expect to pay almost $24,000 – $98,000 in total fee of tuition.

Specialization in Elementary Education Degree

These programs offer a huge range of degree specializations, mainly involving special education, English as the reading purpose, and a second language. Plus, they also include specific courses in methods, behavior strategies, and assessments that prepare students to teach all the exceptional students.


Well, these young students might be intellectually gifted and children with intellectual, emotional, or physical disabilities. And for English as the specialization of a second language, courses include ESL curriculum content, teaching diverse populations, and bilingual methods.


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