A Comprehensive Guide to Oxford Colleges – Names

Oxford University, an emblem of intellectual prowess and historic grandeur, is a federation of diverse colleges. Each of these colleges has a unique identity, history, and set of traditions. Let’s delve into the world of Oxford and explore its esteemed colleges.

Oxford’s Collegiate System

The University of Oxford operates on a collegiate system, a distinctive feature setting it apart from other institutions. Students and staff belong not only to the University as a whole but also to a college or hall, creating an intimate, scholarly community.

The Complete List of Oxford Colleges

There are 39 colleges and 6 Permanent Private Halls (PPHs) that make up the University of Oxford. Below is the complete list:

  1. All Souls College (Official Website)
  2. Balliol College (Official Website)
  3. Brasenose College (Official Website)
  4. Christ Church (Official Website)
  5. Corpus Christi College (Official Website)
  6. Exeter College (Official Website)
  7. Green Templeton College (Official Website)
  8. Harris Manchester College (Official Website)
  9. Hertford College (Official Website)
  10. Jesus College (Official Website)
  11. Keble College (Official Website)
  12. Kellogg College (Official Website)
  13. Lady Margaret Hall (Official Website)
  14. Linacre College (Official Website)
  15. Lincoln College (Official Website)
  16. Magdalen College (Official Website)
  17. Mansfield College (Official Website)
  18. Merton College (Official Website)
  19. New College (Official Website)
  20. Nuffield College (Official Website)
  21. Oriel College (Official Website)
  22. Pembroke College (Official Website)
  23. The Queen’s College (Official Website)
  24. St Anne’s College (Official Website)
  25. St Antony’s College (Official Website)
  26. St Catherine’s College (Official Website)
  27. St Cross College (Official Website)
  28. St Edmund Hall (Official Website)
  29. St Hilda’s College (Official Website)
  30. St Hugh’s College (Official Website)
  31. St John’s College (Official Website)
  32. St Peter’s College (Official Website)
  33. Somerville College (Official Website)
  34. Trinity College (Official Website)
  35. University College (Official Website)
  36. Wadham College (Official Website)
  37. Wolfson College (Official Website)
  38. Worcester College (Official Website)
  39. Somerville College (Official Website)

Oxford’s Permanent Private Halls

In addition to the 39 colleges, Oxford has six Permanent Private Halls, predominantly religious establishments, including:

  1. Blackfriars (Official Website)
  2. Campion Hall (Official Website)
  3. Regent’s Park College (Official Website)
  4. St Benet’s Hall (Official Website)
  5. St Stephen’s House (Official Website)
  6. Wycliffe Hall (Official Website)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the oldest college in Oxford? The oldest college in Oxford is University College, founded in 1249. However, Balliol and Merton, founded in 1263 and 1264 respectively, often dispute this claim.

2. Which is the largest Oxford college? Christ Church is the largest Oxford college in terms of grounds and number of students.

3. Can anyone visit the Oxford colleges? Some Oxford colleges are open to the public at certain times, but it is recommended to check their official websites for the most up-to-date information.

4. How are Oxford colleges different from each other? Each Oxford college has its own unique history, architecture, traditions, and academic strengths. They are also distinct in their student body size, facilities, and accommodation offerings.

In conclusion, the University of Oxford’s colleges each bring a unique flavor to the student experience. Their rich histories, vibrant communities, and academic prowess together weave the remarkable tapestry that is Oxford University.


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